My name is Jason Guo, I am a part time swing and day trader. After graduated from college with a Master Degree in Accounting, I was pretty sure CPA was the way to go with my life. However, while working as a full time accountant, I found a strong interest in technical analysis of stock movement, my goal now is to become a full time trader in the future. In my early trading, I have so many up and down days, made money and gave it all back, jumped into a trade when the charts were not ready, was greedy, was hopeful, prayed the price will go up. You named it, all the mistakes traders can possibly make, I done it. Until I read the book named “how to make money in stock market” by William J. O’Neil, I realized how foolish I was, I start to study chart patterns, volume influence in a stock movement daily. As right now, I am still developing my own trading edge, and will use this site to share my views of stocks.

I don’t use lots of indicators because I think they are just adding confusion to my trade. I use 8EMA, 18SMA, 50SMA and 200SMA as reference point. I like to trade break out pattern with above average volume or use risk/reward management to day trade. Cause equals Effect, and Volume equals Price, So volume means a lot to my trading style.

Every night I scan my charts to look for notable chart pattern. I will post them occasionally in here. Every weekend, I will go over the market views and post all the tradable stock charts with comments. I also have a stock price sheet with possible entry price and stop loss available to download for each week.


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